5 Ways to Keep Your Prayers Consistent during Ramadan


Praying is an integral part of Ramadan.

Fasting is made mandatory so the focus can be more on prayers and spirituality. Given the lifestyle compulsions of the day, you would have plenty of chores. You would obviously not take a few days off from work. There are household chores. Your kids may have school, there will be pending commitments and you would have the mundane unexpected demands at home and work. It can be quite difficult to keep up with a demanding prayer routine.

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Women are praying more than men? The rise of Muslim Women consumers

Who prayer more, men or women?

So who prayer’s more, men or women? At TIMEZ5 labs we continuously conduct multiple levels on Muslim consumers and especially on Muslim Women consumers.   So we developed a basic experiment to determine who is more included to engage in more prayer and prayer-related activities between men and women.

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A list of unique ways to be generous during Ramadan!

generous during Ramadan!

Generosity and  Ramadan!
Being generous during Ramadan is importuner.

What is your goal this Ramadan? Sure, you would have to fast, pray and take care of your health. You will have parties with your friends. You would play the host at times and be a guest on other occasions. You may or may not have a highly spiritual goal this year but you can always be a tad more generous.

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5 Habits to Develop During Ramadan

Habits During Ramadan

Ramadan is an auspicious time.
Lets get our Habits During Ramadan right….

You can consider it a month of fasting and praying. Or, you can consider it as a month of being with your family, hanging out with friends and breaking the fasts together. You can pray with your friends, invite your relatives over to your place and accept invitations for Iftars. You can also indulge in some charity.

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