5 Easy ways to manage stress

Let’s face it, stress is just a common phenomenon that almost everyone in the world goes through on a daily basis but depending on the type of personality you have there may be a different ways that you handle that stress. Handling stressful situations is a key factor in securing your wellbeing in the long run. So here are 5 easy ways that we think you can manage stress day to day:

  1. Talk to people and get social. Social engagement is very important is managing stress. We always need someone to talk to and get things off our chest. So confide in a friend, family member of significant other frequently to keep your problems at bay.


  1. Be active. Yes it may sound completely unrelated that being active would have something to do with stress, but its scientifically proven that it does. Don’t forget exercise releases endorphins, which boost your mood and make you feel good and can serve as great distractions for those worries.


  1. Accept that there are things you can’t change. There are many things in life that are unfortunately just unavoidable such as financial issues, political issues or even serious illness at times. If there are factors that you can’t control you must come to terms with it because hanging on to them will not benefit your health in anyway.


  1. Eat healthy, again many people think that diets have nothing to do with stress since it’s an emotional issue but trust us that healthy diets to make a big difference in driving away stressors. A well-nourished body is more capable of withstanding stress and can significantly help in decreasing acute stress.


  1. Be flexible and compromise. Some people self-inflict stress on themselves but being stubborn and rigid in situations that can be avoided. If you’re even in an argument you will understand what we’re talking about, therefore try to be reasonable and flexible.


Above are 5 some of the most common and easy ways to keep your stress at bay, improve your health and helping educate others about stress management. There are tens and hundreds of other ways that you may handle stressful situations and we’d love to hear your tips too, so feel free to add them to the comments section and help out other readers too.

Understanding the 3 different types of stress

The word stress is too commonly used in our daily conversations to address frustrating situations, but were you aware that stress is actually categorized into 3 main types which are acute, episodic and chronic. In reality there is more to stress that what meets the eye and the mind.


Acute Stress

Acute stress is the first one and it’s also the most common one that psychologists identify in patients. It’s caused by the daily demands and pressures encountered by us. Whether is being struck in traffic or deadlines to meet at work, the stress related to these causes is acute stress. Some of the most common health complications related to acute stress are tension, headaches and vomiting. In addition it’s short term and usually tends to go away by itself in a very short period of time.


Episodic Stress

Episodic stress as the name suggests this is a type of stress that is irregular but long term. There are periods of time when this stress is active and is mainly self-inflicted by hanging on to issues that are unreasonably at most times. Another fact to note about those who suffer from episodic stress is that it is mostly seen in people with type A personalities. These personalities are usually aggressive, competitive or demanding.


Chronic Stress

The third and most harmful of all is chronic stress. It is a much more serious stress type with symptoms that directly affect all aspects of your health and life. As some psychologists describe “chronic stress tears the life of a person apart his mind, body or spirit.” This type of stress is brought forth by long term exposure to stressors such as traumatic experiences, financial burdens and chronic illnesses. It is a known leading cause for heart attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder and clinical depression. If you do identify its symptoms in time it can be treated through medicine prescribed by a licensed psychiatrist.


The ability to understand the different types of stress and being able to identify them can help you help your loved ones or your close friends get the right treatment if needed. Stress is a leading cause of several health complications and also tends to hinder healing for back, knee and neck pain in some cases. So the next time you do see that someone close to you is suffering from stress, remember to head to back to this post and try to classify their stress type so that they can get the help they need to live a long and healthy life.






Stress and its most common but overlooked reasons

We all go through some type of stress daily. Stress is also the major cause of heart problems, high blood pressure, diseases and psychological issues. While most of the time we usually brush off the fact that we may be going through some highly stressful situations and carry on without actually reasoning what maybe the source of that stress. We’ve outlined some of the most common and uncommon reasons below:


Everyday Annoyances:


Yes the smallest things in life can give us stress. We usually take on stress over things like not being able to find a parking space, being stuck in traffic or reaching work 10 minutes late. We let these things bother us because they trigger fear in us and to overcome this sometimes its better to tell ourselves that we’re doing our best.


Other Peoples Stress:


If there’s anything called stress transfer, this would be it. Taking on other peoples problems only adds to our own. According to a 2014 German study people who simply observed others carrying out stressful tasks also experienced higher stress levels. You can trigger this sort of stress for example by hearing about a friend or colleague who was in a car crash, is not financially doing well, etc. By hearing such stressful experiences we tend to put ourselves into that situation and also take on stress for it.


Social Media:


Something we’re hooked on and use everyday can also give us stress. A 2015 study from Pew Research center stated that social media can make you aware of stressful situations in your friends’ lives, which in turn can add more stress to your life.


Tea and Chocolate:


That chai karak and chocolate dates might sound incredibly hard to resist but could also be the biggest cause of stress. On average people in the Middle East drink more than 4 cups of tea a day. Both chocolate and tea contain caffeine, the jolt of energy we think we get from caffeine maybe causing more stress on our body than usual. Therefore it’s always good to cut down on both and go for more natural sources of energy such as banana’s or other of your favorite sweet fruits.


Your Smartphone:


It is no longer a secret that smart phones are a cause of many problems. From causing manic depression to anxiety. This one piece of technology has changed how technology affects our body. Constantly worrying about checking email while you’re driving, spending hours on your tablet before you sleep are all causes of stress in our life. Not only that but some also come with more medical problems such as anxiety and sleep problems.