Stress and its most common but overlooked reasons

We all go through some type of stress daily. Stress is also the major cause of heart problems, high blood pressure, diseases and psychological issues. While most of the time we usually brush off the fact that we may be going through some highly stressful situations and carry on without actually reasoning what maybe the source of that stress. We’ve outlined some of the most common and uncommon reasons below:


Everyday Annoyances:


Yes the smallest things in life can give us stress. We usually take on stress over things like not being able to find a parking space, being stuck in traffic or reaching work 10 minutes late. We let these things bother us because they trigger fear in us and to overcome this sometimes its better to tell ourselves that we’re doing our best.


Other Peoples Stress:


If there’s anything called stress transfer, this would be it. Taking on other peoples problems only adds to our own. According to a 2014 German study people who simply observed others carrying out stressful tasks also experienced higher stress levels. You can trigger this sort of stress for example by hearing about a friend or colleague who was in a car crash, is not financially doing well, etc. By hearing such stressful experiences we tend to put ourselves into that situation and also take on stress for it.


Social Media:


Something we’re hooked on and use everyday can also give us stress. A 2015 study from Pew Research center stated that social media can make you aware of stressful situations in your friends’ lives, which in turn can add more stress to your life.


Tea and Chocolate:


That chai karak and chocolate dates might sound incredibly hard to resist but could also be the biggest cause of stress. On average people in the Middle East drink more than 4 cups of tea a day. Both chocolate and tea contain caffeine, the jolt of energy we think we get from caffeine maybe causing more stress on our body than usual. Therefore it’s always good to cut down on both and go for more natural sources of energy such as banana’s or other of your favorite sweet fruits.


Your Smartphone:


It is no longer a secret that smart phones are a cause of many problems. From causing manic depression to anxiety. This one piece of technology has changed how technology affects our body. Constantly worrying about checking email while you’re driving, spending hours on your tablet before you sleep are all causes of stress in our life. Not only that but some also come with more medical problems such as anxiety and sleep problems.

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