3 Easy Ways to prepare yourself for Ramadan

Preparing yourself for Ramadan

Ramadan is only a month away; it’s important to get spiritually prepared for this holy month that we devote to God. Ramadan is not just about fasting, but it’s more about the spiritual connection between yourself and God. Praying five times a day on your TIMEZ5 physiological prayer mat is one of the first ways to get prepared for the Ramadan.

Prepare yourself for Ramadan is vital so here are some ways to get ready.


The TIMEZ5 prayer mat ensures that every time you pray you get a boost of energy, so from the dawn of day at Fajr to the when the sun has set below the horizon during Isha prayer time we have no loss of energy.

Fasting during the month of Ramadan also keeps us ready to take on the month of Ramadan spiritually. So make sure you fast on Mondays, Thursdays and the 13th, 14th, 15th of the lunar calendar in Shaa’baan. Wake up earlier than usual for your Fajr prayers and do some exercises to get your body refreshed.

Make sure you’ve changed your eating habits. If you’re used to eating at odd times of the day or grabbing snacks regularly, by now, your body is used to it, and during Ramadan, it will have the urge for your to do the same.

When the body does not receive food at times you usually feed yourself, it will cause more discomfort and hunger. Therefore just a month before Ramadan, try to wake up earlier for breakfast and make sure you’re eating healthy with a diet of fruits, vegetables, and yogurt.

For this Ramadan and the last, has taken place at the peak of summer. Making sure you’re hydrated is essential. Make sure that if you don’t have the habit of drinking water regularly, you start now. Cut down on tea and fizzy drinks so that you get into the habit of drinking water instead, during Ramadan itself also follow the same routine.

Carbonated drinks and tea make you thirstier and its better to stay away from that especially early morning, it’s a habit that will also help you stay in shape and stay energizes without affecting your health adversely.



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