Myths about back pain

There are several myths about back pain that influence peoples decisions before they even consult a doctor. In reality the treatment of back pain is not as simple as it looks, the treatment of back pain is related to the spine which is one of the most crucial parts of our body, therefore sometimes we end up causing more harm to our body when believing these myths.


Back pain gets worse with age?


Many people with back pain in their early 40’s and 30’s think that their back pain will get worse when they reach their 50’s. This fact is completely untrue. The fact is that back pain is very common in younger demographics and if they tend to it may actually go away by the time they’re in their 50’s.


Back pain is just a part of life and I should live with it?


Back pain should never be left untreated, if your pain is only getting worse over time. It is recommended that you consult your doctor. Chronic pain is not something you can live with; it will get in the way of your daily activities and also in the way of you actually working on subduing it.


I must protect my back to avoid further back pain?


It quite common that people with back pain actually over protects their backs, which causes more damage to your back than good. To stay healthy the spine needs stretching and exercise, bed rest and protecting the back does the complete opposite. Proper exercise and posture are the key to lowering back pain. Using casts and suspenders to artificially avoid back pain will only add to the pain and should be avoided.

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