5 Benefits of Fasting during Ramadan

Fasting is healthy.
There are many great Benefits of Fasting during Ramadan

Perpetual fasting or starving has a plethora of health risks. Fasting during Ramadan is well planned, methodical and it combines several other rituals. There are many benefits of fasting during Ramadan. Here are just a few of them.

  • Fasting is a way to detoxify. The human body hosts a plethora of toxins through various foods and drinks. These toxins affect our health in myriad ways. While there are other ways of detoxifying, fasting is a simple and effective method. For start, fasting ensures that the body doesn’t get exposed to new toxins. The toxic buildup is halted for several hours every day. During this time, the body can calmly cleanse itself of the toxins. The human body is capable of detoxifying itself. However, since we keep exposing our systems to more toxins with every meal and drink, the body never really gets to cleanse itself completely. Fasting during Ramadan provides the opportunity for the body to cleanse itself to a large extent, if not entirely.
  • Fasting rests the digestion system. It reduces inflammations in the digestive tracts. Blood sugar gets controlled. During the fasting hours, the body burns the fat to derive energy. Hence, one can lose weight while fasting during Ramadan. However, one must avoid eating too much food and drinks after sunset or before sunrise. Else, the effects of fasting would be countered completely. Fasting helps in regulating blood pressure, it encourages healthy diet since most people will find it a little weird to consume high fat or oil rich foods after hours of fasting. The regular fasting through the month of Ramadan boosts the immune system.
  • Fasting has a few psychological impacts as well. It allows people to be in better control of their actions. One can manage to contain their urges or the various temptations around. It allows one to exert greater will and that can be channeled to get rid of addictions.
  • Fasting during Ramadan is more like a social event. People get together in the evenings, enjoy a fiesta and people also get together to donate various stuffs to charity. These acts bring the community together and enhance the fellow feeling among all and sundry.
  • Fasting is also an integral part of the spirituality that must be attained through the month of Ramadan. It allows a person to focus on prayers, to be enlightened and to hone one’s spirituality.



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