A list of unique ways to be generous during Ramadan!

Generosity and  Ramadan!
Being generous during Ramadan is importuner.

What is your goal this Ramadan? Sure, you would have to fast, pray and take care of your health. You will have parties with your friends. You would play the host at times and be a guest on other occasions. You may or may not have a highly spiritual goal this year but you can always be a tad more generous.

Ramadan is not confined to fasting and prayers. Ramadan is eventually about being a better you. What better way of attaining that than being charitable or helping others?


There is mandatory charity during Ramadan which is called Zakat and voluntary charity which is called Sadaqa. Muslims must engage in both. When we usually talk about charity or being generous, we tend to think of material gifts. There is more to charity than material gifts.


You should consider donating the basics to those who are not as fortunate and privileged as you. You should be generous towards your family and relatives. You must always be generous to strangers. Anonymous charity is the best form of generosity.  Here is a list of some unique ways to be generous during Ramadan.


  • Every person has a list of personal needs and desires.

    Ramadan is an ideal time to focus on the needs and desires of others. If the needs and desires are not material or harmful to anyone, then you should try to fulfill them. Fulfilling the needs and desires of others is a very noble act.


  • Comfort is desirable but it is not one of the noble attributes.

    Ramadan is a great time to sacrifice your comfort for others. You can allow people to use convenience services that you enjoy. You can also pay for the comfort of others.


  • Use your skills and knowledge

    While most charities are focused on what money can buy or what time can get, one of the most generous acts you can engage in is by imparting knowledge. You can always spend some time bettering some people’s lives. You can always buy people some food and drinks or some clothing but an even better act would be to teach them what you know. You could teach people a skill, you can educate them by spending an hour or two every evening, you can get kids and share your wisdom or you can make yourself available to hear the problems of people and resolving them if you have the status and power. Sharing knowledge and using your skills, position or influence to get things done for others is a very noble deed. But these acts have to be selfless.

Being generous during Ramadan  is key in making Ramadan a special time.  It snot just an obligation in many ways but a way of cleaning our own minds, bodies and souls.  Generosity should not stop during Ramadan but continue all year long.


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