5 Habits to Develop During Ramadan

Ramadan is an auspicious time.
Lets get our Habits During Ramadan right….

You can consider it a month of fasting and praying. Or, you can consider it as a month of being with your family, hanging out with friends and breaking the fasts together. You can pray with your friends, invite your relatives over to your place and accept invitations for Iftars. You can also indulge in some charity.

Ramadan is a great time to develop some good habits. Since you are going to draw a few lines to control your lifestyle, you would succeed in developing a few habits or getting rid of bad habits during Ramadan.


  • Get good sleep. When you are fasting, your metabolic cycle along with hormonal secretions will be altered. Your sleep cycle may also be affected. You may be tempted to sleep during the afternoon or you may not get adequate sleep at night. A siesta is great but you must ensure that you sleep well over a period of twenty-four hours. A siesta of two hours would not compensate for a shortfall of two or three hours at night. Set aside a time when you would go to sleep every night and make sure you don’t have any distraction or disturbance affecting your sleep. You need to wake up very early, get ready for the fast and have your pre dawn meal. If you don’t allow your body to be rested, then you can fall sick. Also, fasting will make you a little more tired than usual. You would fall asleep sooner, even if you are insomniac.


  • During Ramadan, many people don’t feel like working. That may make you sedentary with your lifestyle choices. It is one thing to remain calm and rested. It is another thing to not engage in any activity. Lack of activity and exercise will lead to problems. Before you break your fast, make sure you have indulged in some activity or exercise. Go for a walk, do some stretches, jog or you can even hit the gym if you want.


  • Don’t have large meals. Many people tend to gorge on meals after sunset and also gulp down a lot of drinks. You must stay hydrated but don’t overdo it. Eat small meals more frequently and keep hydrating yourself throughout the night till sunrise.


  • Don’t drink any fancy juice or energy drinks. Water is the best drink and try to avoid sugar. You don’t need added sugar to your meals or drinks.


  • Indulge in a bit of charity every day. When you are generous towards people during Ramadan, the powers that be are more generous towards you.

Getting the right Habits During Ramadan can have life long benefits beyond the holy month  Ramadan.  Do not forget to share these Habits During Ramadan with your friends and family.



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