The importance of Suhoor in Ramadan

Suhoor and its importance in Ramadan

As we come closer to Ramadan its important to understand each and every aspect of Ramadan and why we do certain things. Suhoor is one of those practices that are usually overlooked. Many muslims do not pay much attention to the Suhoor meal and skip it and those who do Suhoor end up eating the wrong type of foods.

The purpose of Suhoor is to prepare the body to take in nutrients throughout the day while we fast, since the human body needs to use food in order to create energy its important that we take the right food during Suhoor. Even doctors have confirmed that the Suhoor meal is more important than the Iftar meal as it helps you persevere through the fast.


It is important that we also consume the right food during suhoor. The suhoor meal should essentially be light and filled with nutrients. We recommend two very important things to take during suhoor, which is Milk and Dates. The dates provide the necessary chemicals to produce glucose and the milk is necessary of the daily calcium intake. In addition you can consider having a fruit salad, chickpeas or even canned tuna. All of these provide the right amount of nutrition throughout your workday and also benefitting your overall health.


Stay away from fast food and caffeinated drinks during Suhoor as they cause bloating and lack of sleep. The last thing you want is to go through a painful fast when it can be so much easier if you take the right food.

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