Vitamin D supplements might be the answer to losing weight

As the world is now nearing tens of millions of obese people, new research has come up with an amazing and unusual find. An Italian Team at the University of Milan has discovered that obese patients who are lacking vitamin D are the ones most prone to being obese.


What has been more shocking is the fact that those taking supplements to battle the Vitamin D deficiency through supplements have lost weight and overcome their deficiency. The study took place with 400 over weight and obese candidates, they were put on low calorie diets and further split into 3 groups. One group took no Vitamin D supplements, the other group took either 25,000 internation units (IU) per month of Vitamin D or 100,000 UI.


After six months both groups that were taking supplements had lost more weight than those not taking supplements. It was seen that Vitamin D supplements aiding the weight loss efforts of the patients in the program. Dr. Christopher Ochner who is professional nutritionist also added that those who are looking to lose weight should not jump onto Vitamin D supplements unless they really need it. He said that only those who are deficient in Vitamin D should take it to overcome the deficiency rather than use it as a quick way to lose weight.


Dr. Ochner also added that low calorie diets were still the best way to lose weight and taking unnecessary supplements could do more harm than good. It is also suggested that the best way to get Vitamin D is by getting out in the sun at least once or twice a week rather than directly resort to supplements which should only be taken when the need is severe.

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