Becoming part of Ramadan

You don’t have to be a Muslim to make the most of Ramadan or even learn more about it. The best way to learn about Ramadan is to immerse yourself in it and the culture surrounding it. If you’re a non Muslim, there are several ways to educate yourself and get involved with Ramadan. Here are some of the way we recommend you get acquainted:

Greet fellow Muslims:

The best way to get a conversation started and showing respect during Ramadan is to greet your Muslim friends or co-workers “Ramadan Mubarak.” It’s a great way to get to know people better and start a conversation but also spark a smile on someone’s face.


Take part in a daily Ramadan ritual like iftar:

What better way to learn more about the religion and the tradition of Ramadan than to have an iftar meal with your Muslim co-workers or friends. It’s a great way to immerse yourself with the religion and enjoy traditions from people of different countries as every culture has its own way of celebrating the good in Ramadan.


Join in and help out:

Ramadan is all about giving and taking part in local charity as a volunteer for Ramadan events is a great way to learn more about the plight of the poor in your community and around the world. It’s also a great way to meet more muslims and to learn what motivates them to contribute towards helping the world and come as one.


Learn more about the religion:

There are great Islamic lectures and open events that non-muslims can attend during Ramadan and is a great way to educate yourself on why Ramadan is known as the holy month and the history behind it.


Be vigilant:

Try to be as respectful as possible to your muslim neighbor or co-workers by not eating in front of them, dressing modestly or simply being a little flexible during work. Most msulims will be fasting from anywhere between 12-16 hours and trying to respect their hardship is a great way of showing solidarity.

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