Have we found the hidden source of back pain?

Back pain is probably the most common chronic pain for adults, with an increasing amount of patients everyday and more than a hundred different solutions to it, have we never discovered the true source of it?


Researchers might have found the root cause of the back pain that most of us face and it might be related to the SI joint, which is the joint that connects the pelvis to the spine. It is estimated that SI joint is responsible for at least 30% of all back pain cases. While the joint itself is the most durable part of the body but day-to-day wear and tear are the reasons why it later becomes dysfunctional. Activities like heavy lifting, constant bending over and crouching can have an adverse affect on the SI joint.


While SI joint dysfunction is hard to spot, it’s harder to treat. Doctors sometimes think there are issues with the spinal discs—herniated or degenerative—or the sciatic nerve when it’s actually the SI joint. Often the pain the patient describes leads them to those conclusions.


So if you suffer from chronic back pain and still haven’t figured out the root cause of it, this might be it. Consult your doctor on tests for the SI joint pain, which will help identify the severity of the problem, if you do suffer from it the treatment for it is fairly painless and does not require surgery.

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