5 Types of back pain you shouldn’t ignore

Almost 80% of people will face some type of spinal problem in their lifetime. It’s a perfectly natural thing to go through back pain but in some cases the signals of back pain might be more serious than just something that disappears in a few days. Even though 92% of the times back pain is resolved without conventional medicine, sometimes not being able to treat it correctly can only make it worse.


Most of the time doctors will prescribe bed rest for a short period and some anti-inflammatory medicines. These work most of the time but for those who continue to get persistent pain even after taking these, might be looking at much more serious symptoms such as the ones we posted below:


  1. Back pain that does not resolve or gets worse.


  1. Feeling more pain at night than during the day.


  1. Spinal pain associated with numbness, weakness or problems in the function of an extremity.


  1. The presence of bowel or bladder problems.


  1. Difficulty in walking or in fine motor movements of the hands.


According to doctors the most common spinal problem is degenerative arthritis of the spine, which leads to neck or back issues over longer periods of time. Other spinal issues can come from sources much more innocuous than inflammation. In fact, those working at a desk job could be setting themselves up for back problems later in life through poor posture.


It is important for patients to convey the right signals to the doctors for them to understand the severity of the problems. If any type of back pain is not resolved in 6 weeks, its possible that you have a more serious problem to deal with. In a lot of cases not treating back pain on time can lead no neck pain and knee pain as well. Making sure that we’re able to identify some of the symptoms stated above can help doctors treat you better.

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