5 foods types for healthy eating during a summer Ramadan

5 foods types for healthy eating during a summer Ramadan

The heat during Ramadan can take a toll on the body and eating the right food types is the best combat against exhaustion and tiredness during the long hot days. We’ve compiled the 5 best food types you need to be eating to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the holy month this year:

Stay away from white foods:


Anything that’s white food such as white sugar, white rice, white bread, etc should be stayed away from. Most of these white foods are stripped of their nutrients and take longer to digest and therefore should be avoided when possible. Also most of these foods have brown alternatives which are much healthier.


No fried or sugary foods:


Try not to eat fried or sugary foods, yes some of our cultural diets do have fried foods served every iftar but those same foods can also be baked instead of being fried in excessive oil. Ramadan is a great way to stay healthy but having fried and sugary foods does not help that cause at all.


Carbs are not your friend:


Everyone loves pasta, potatoes and rice but these high carb foods are not great for your body. Carbs are not good for you during Ramadan as they convert into sugars and can take a toll on your body once you’ve finished eating. If you do intend to take carbs make sure they are taken with some lean proteins in order to balance out the meal.




MSG and sodium rich foods such be absolutely stayed away from. MSG is commonly found in syrups and sauces. They can also be found in certain chips and candies. Foods that contain MSG are usually also high in fructose corn syrup and oil that increases cholesterol. The best alternative to go for anything that is MSG free or even better green vegetables to enhance taste.


Hydrating foods:


Drinking just water does not suffice for the body. You must also take in a steady intake of hydrated fruits and vegetables. We suggest have water melon, sweet melons and oranges to not only add to your daily hydration but also provide you with more vitamins that are essential to your health.

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