Why knee pain when climbing steps could be early sign to osteoarthritis

Universitly of Leeds researchers have found that climbing up steps could be an early sign of  knee osteoarthritis (OA).

It is an actual proven fact that climbing stairs puts more pressure on the knees than regular walking and over time climbing steps can have an adverse effect on your knees. While knee osteoarthritis (OA) usually takes place in adults over the age of 40, the symptoms can show up earlier for some who play high impact sports and have had previous knee injuries.

In order to protect your knees from further damage and to stay away from the more serious knee osteoarthritis (OA), doctors recommend that you modift your physical activities. If you have to climb to many steps on a daily basis its best to find a place, which is on a lower level to cut down on climbing. Lastly continuing to do low impact physical activities are the best alternative to overcome OA instead of going for more expensive physiotherapy sessions

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