New quick treatment provides instant knee pain relief

Most adults suffer from knee pain, it isn’t just caused due to sports but also due to the daily grind. The wear and tear for the knee is inevitable even for the healthiest people.

The center for disease control (CDC) states that nearly 1 in 2 people may develop symptomatic knee osteoarthritis by the age of 85. Some of the most common means to combat this knee pain type and many others is physical therapy, surgery and strong medications. All three of which do not provide any guarantees of pain relief over the long run.

A recent discovery though is changing this, founded by specialist Dr. Halland Chen in New York. The iovera system is a revolutionary new way to help those who suffer from chronic knee pain. Dr. Chen states that iovera therapy harnesses the power of focus cold therapy which is a game changer in the industry.

How it works is through a handheld device with nitrous oxide canisters to freeze short needle probes to negative 126 degrees. The injected needles then spread the nitrous oxide which kills away the targeted sensory nerves around the knee, these nerves completely stop them from sending pain signals thus eliminating the pain instantly.

While this is a short term solution as it only stops the pain from shooting up the nerves, it is still deemed as one of the most effective and quickest ways to get patients moving on with their daily lives. The fact that it isn’t permanent like surgery also means that it isn’t harmful to your health.

One of Dr. Chen’s patients has gone 3 months without any knee pain and says that its improved his lifestyle by a great amount. The iovera treatment is definitely a promising breakthrough in the medical industry and a much needed one especially for those who constantly suffer from knee pain and want to steer away from surgery or painful physical therapy.

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