Muslim Physiology

A lifetime of balance in one minute 

93% of people suffer from some stress. From physical to mental and even electromagnetic stress, it’s hard to escape. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you do we are all in this together.

So what is this all about?
After five years of research into ergonomics, biomechanics and physiology TIMEZ5 labs made some remarkable discoveries. These developments have forever changed product development but more importantly how we educate others about their physio-spiritual wellbeing. So what did we discover?

  1. Those who meditate vs. those who don’t have different biomechanics
  2. 92% of all products are not ergonomically designed for our physical wellbeing
  3. Spirituality inspires physical wellbeing vs. physical wellbeing inspiring spirituality
  4. 30 min of distributed physical activity daily is better than 1 hour at the gym daily
  5. Physical ritual activity is 95% more likely to be consistent than planned activities

So what in it for me?
Aspiration can be stressful. Whether that be career, family or social driven we all face it. Balancing our physical and spiritual wellbeing is our fuel. Without that fuel sustain a long-term goal hard to achieve. So if you got a specific or you are exploring your aspirations balanced physio-spiritual lifestyle will be substantial.

  • Mental focus
  • Physical strength
  • Spiritual inspiration

Spirituality so what?
Spirituality is compelling on all levels. We noticed that 8 out of 10 people are motivated by a spiritual value to take physical action. We have two value systems that drive us. One is our original system, and the other is our conditioned values. When we feel funny about something that’s because of inherent and conditional values conflict. When the two align, magic happens. It’s when that spark of energy, that razor sharp focus or that unbreakable determination kicks in. Sustaining that for extended periods of time is tough, but something we all can benefit from.

Where’s the balance?
Physical and spiritual alignment is needed to restore balance. Seeking a solution on one side of the equation doesn’t help, but balancing the two is powerful. Our research and our Muslim Physiology training course are all about. It’s about giving you the tools to empower yourself physically and spiritually creating that long-term balance.

So what do I get?
You get unlimited access to 5 groundbreaking exercises that have come from 5 years of R&D design specifically fro you. Each activity aims to be performed in 60 seconds and practices within minutes at home. Additionally, you get access to research and insights about your physiology and will help you improve your overall wellbeing and spirituality.

How do I get started?
In one minute we’ll teach you daily physical exercises that have been proven to improve your physical and spiritual wellbeing. Practice anywhere, and anytime you like, and you can watch the training videos for an unlimited amount of time. In fact, we encourage you to learn, share and teach others around you. Don’t forget to show your mother, father or grandparents who can benefit from this as well.

Muslim Physiology

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