Do memory foam prayer mats work?

Memory foam prayer mats do they really work and can you benefit from them?

Medical prayer mats are a rising trend among Muslim consumers. According to TIMEZ5 labs, research, and development Organization, they found that 52% of Muslims suffer from knee pain. They found that only 13% of those with knee pain seek proper medical treatment. Meanwhile. 78% pursue alternative medical methods.



While many Muslims consumers are seeking solutions, lots of confusion exists around what is and what is not a medical prayer mat.   For better definition visit the Medical Prayer Mat Buyer’s Guide to under what a healing prayer mat is and is not. A large part of the confusion comes from dishonest manufacturers who are fooling consumers.

Often the trick used is positioning memory foam prayer mats as medical devices.

They use cushioning foam and pillowing effects to feel like a comfortable experience. However, they can be dangerous for those with a real physical challenge especially the elderly.  Memory foam prayer mats may give comfort initially but are devising as they:

  1. Do not provide support
  2. Do not relieve pain
  3. Do not last long

This can have the great impact on the overall physical wellbeing of the user with time. It was found through a 2013 study lead by TIMEZ5 Labs and Stanford University that poor ergonomic devices for meditation will result in physical issues within three months if used 4-5 times a day.   This resulted mostly from memory foam prayer mats. 

So why even buy a medical prayer mat altogether. A medical prayer rug is not for everyone. If the potential user of a medical prayer mat here is a checklist that can help your determine if this is for you or not Click here.



There is few physical test you as a consumer can perform or research about to understand the quality of the medical prayer mat.   If you click here, you can see some proven physical test to help you make a better decision.



Furthermore, the leading companies in the area of medical prayer mats are TIMEZ5 a NASA space certified technology company that is EPA approved and FDA compliant. You can learn more about their product by visiting



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