Does a Medical Prayer Mat work?

The truth behind dishonest manufacturers
With the emergence of the Medical prayer mat industry in the past decade, several dishonest companies have been taking advantage of consumers.   Several traditional prayer rug makers have been using low-cost and scrupulous production methods in fooling consumers into medical prayer mats that don’t work.

Often these producers use low-grade memory foam designed to give an initial cushioning effect to get customers to buy right away. However, many unknown dangers exist to the user such as:


  1. Low-grade memory foam doesn’t help relieve pain
  2. Over cushioning can cause long-term muscle and skeletal problems
  3. Cause long term weight gain from disproportion weight distribution
  4. Cause physical imbalance as the foam wears down and stops performing
  5. Respiratory problems from the build up of dust in the memory foam


These dangers are especially concerning for older medical prayer mat users who are not aware and can quickly become victims.   That said, consumers can protect themselves by being aware. TIMEZ5 Global the leading innovator in medical prayer mats has launched the official and only Medical Prayer Mat Buyer’s Guide.


This buyer’s guide to educating consumers on how to evaluate and test on their own what is and is not a genuine medical prayer mat. The guide also educates consumers


Medical prayer mats are still relatively new, and consumer education plays a significant role in protecting consumers from dishonest companies taking advantage of them.


Getting a medical prayer mat can be confusing especially with several dishonest manufacturers. Many of these producers use tactics like lower prices, fake medical claims, and scrupulous marketing tactics. As a consumer, it’s important to be ready and educating about what you’re buying. The Medical Prayer Mat Buyers Guide is designed exactly for this to help protect consumers from dishonest manufactures.

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