London Modest Fashion Week 2017

Prayer Mats and Modest Fashion

London Modest Fashion Week 2017 promises to showcase the best of the best in modest modern fashion. Many people know that faith and fashion can coexist and even support each other, but for others, London Modest Fashion Week will be their first glimpse into fashion that caters to religious women. With more than 40 brands being represented, there are sure to be some amazing showcases of fashion and faith working together to create what the modern Muslim woman may be interested in.

For a long time, fashion has been limited to what people wear, but more and more it is extending into other parts of our lives. We are always faced with the ability to buy fashionable clothing for pets, workout accessories, even electronics. It makes sense that people would search out fashion in all parts of their lives as it can add a feeling of camaraderie, comfort, even reminding us of our family and our roots. It’s not a far reach at all to imagine or believe that fashion can be applied to even the most important parts of our lives. For some, this may be an attractive yoga mat, for others, a prayer book inspired by their favorite designer, and for others still, a prayer mat that not only offers pain relief through better posture but also allows the user to express themselves and their fashionable side.

The Timez5 prayer mat is a fashionable prayer mat that is the perfect example of faith, utility, and fashion all working together. It combines all the elements of a prayer mat that will make it a best seller – an anti-microbial and dust repellent surface, a micro-grip bottom to keep the user from slipping, and space technology material to maximize user comfort, with the old Islamic fashion applied in a modern way. Gone are the days of aching joints and decreased energy. This prayer mat will keep your body pain-free and improve posture, all while expressing fashion in a classic, subdued, and appropriate way.

Finished are the days when fashion was only limited to clothing. With all the ways available for people to express themselves, it makes sense that someone would create a prayer mat that combined the beauty of old Islamic fashion with the modern world in a contemporary setting. London Modest Fashion Week is sure to showcase many fabulous fashionable religious clothing items, but it’s important not to overlook fashion in other areas, as well.

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