Knee Pain : Does it run in your family ?

A recent medical study has brought up some very interesting findings. Findings, which are very much similar to those for heart patients and diseases. It could be that knee pain or osteoarthritis to be exact, could be something that runs in your family and can be passed on to you due to genetics.


The Australian authors of this study have observed a common denominator between children and parents who have osteoarthritis, that denominator is genetics.  Dr. Graeme Jones of the university of Tasmania states that its abundantly clear that genes were a strong contributor to the risk of osteoarthritis.


It is a known fact that one third of adults over the age of 45 suffer from some type of knee pain. While the causes of knee pain are not always clear in 70 percent of the cases the knee pain cases turn into severe cases of osteoarthritis if they are left untreated or not properly attended to.


The study took a batch of 186 adults who had at least one of their parents go through a knee replacement surgery. The adults whose parents had knee replacements tended to be heavier and or smokers.  The study spanned 10 years and the results were shocking.


The results showed that 74 percent of the children of parents with knee replacements had knee pain compared to 54 percent of those with no family history of knee surgery. While the study did confirm that knee pain does have some relation to genetics it didn’t focus much on the many causes that led to the knee pain, but since parents and children tend to have similar body and behavior patterns it does make sense that a parent could pass on habits that would make them more susceptible to knee pain and osteoarthritis.

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