5 Tips to increase your work productivity during Ramadan

Increasing work productivity during Ramadan

Ramadan can be very demanding on our day to day work, since the body is deprived of food for almost 12 hours at the least, keeping our energy and morale high can be a very daunting task. Since the body has to obtain energy from whatever is stored from the food we ate during suhoor, its important we conserve the energy but obtain the same energy levels we do on any other day.

  • Eat suhoor just prior to dawn. Just like you wouldn’t skip breakfast, do not skip the suhoor meal or you will be down the whole day and lets not forget that it is also Sunnah so the rewards are doubled. The best way to eat at suhoor is to take in high protein foods. We suggest you have fruits, yogurt, milk and dates, do not overeat and stay away from fast food.


  • Drink as much as water as possible after you break your fast, remember you wont be able to quench your thirst throughout the day but at the same time don’t forget that you need to consume the same amount of water everyday. Try your best to have 8 cups of water after breaking your fast and till suhoor.


  • Pray with the TIMEZ5 prayer mat, with TIMEZ5’s innovative weight absorption grid the pressure relief it provides boosts your energy levels. Therefore praying your 5 daily prayers with the TIMEZ5 mat will insure you’re always energetic throughout the day.


  • Stay indoors and refrain from doing activities that put a strain on your body also its never a good idea to go to the gym after work but before breaking your fast. You must adjust your workout timings accordingly.


  • Remain calm and refrain from getting into unnecessary stress at work. Any type of mental strain also puts strain on the body physically, therefore try not to stress overly on work, instead be organized and motivated to finish your work on time.


Although rest is an essential part of maintaining a health Ramadan its also important to maintain regular productivity levels.  This can be achieving some slight adjustments helping make Ramadan a productive and meaningful experience for us all.

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