5 inexpensive ways to ease lower back pain

Chronic lower back pain plagues millions of people every year; age is no bar for lower back pain. Medicine focuses more on solving the anatomical problems and not really the pain that causes discomfort. Here’s our list of 6 easy ways to get past lower back pain:


  1. Get restorative sleep


Pain is the number one cause of insomnia, if you’re not sleeping right then you’re only going through more pain. Restorative sleep means getting your body to sleep by numbing out the pain, this can be done eating the right food, cutting down on caffeine and spiritually putting your mind in a peaceful state either through prayer or medication.


  1. Soothe the pain with temperature


Applying either cold or hot packs to the pain points on your lower back can extensively accelerate the healing process and also relieve pain. It’s also the most accessible the cheapest way to get past that chronic pain at any time of the day.


  1. Stretch your hamstrings


Yes your hamstrings are directly related to your lower back but they definitely have an affect on your lower back. Tight hamstrings actually put pressure and stress on the lower back and stretching your hamstrings through some lunges or basic stretches can go a long way .


  1. Exercise your mid body muscles


The abs play a major role for your lower back. Therefore exercising your core helps take off stress from your lower back. Your abs support your lower lumbar spine, if you’re obese then your first step to lowering lower back pain should be to lose that fat. The importance of core exercises for your lower back is so important that 58% of people who currently suffer from lower back pain wish that they had done more exercise focused in this area of the body .


  1. Endorphin release


You would be surprised at how much endorphins help in pain relief. They are treated as natural pain killer that already exist in your body. Therefore releasing endorphins helps block out pain signals that come from your lower back. Endorphin release can be triggered by taking deep breaths, aerobics and also being active.

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