5 Healthy Foods that you should be eating right now

Taking care of your body is a major factor when it comes to staying in shape, with the number of people with obesity rising. Eating healthy is now the number one quick remedy for tackling obesity. Below are five healthy foods that you should be eating to keep in shape and cut down on unnecessary fat:

Black Beans:

Let’s face it; sometimes we don’t have the chance to cook a nourishing meal. For the nutritional value and ease of cooking, black beans are the best source of fiber and are a popular substitute for meat for those looking to go vegetarian.


Black Beans

Benefits of Black Beans

1. Maintaining healthy bones
2. Lowering blood pressure
3. Warding off heart disease
4. Preventing cancer
5. Healthy digestion

SOURCE: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/289934.php#black_bean_health_benefits 

Black Beans are of the healthy foods you need to consider


Pumpkins are perfect for more than decoration pieces and carvings. If you’re overweight and need to cut down on high-calorie vegetables, then pumpkin is your friend. Pumpkins are huge in fiber, low in calories and their bright orange color is a clear give away that they are high in beta carotene which prevents heart disease.


Benefits of Pumpkin

1. Pumpkins Keep Eyesight Sharp
2. Pumpkins Aid Weight Loss
3. Pumpkin Seeds Can Help Your Heart
4. Pumpkins May Reduce Cancer Risk
5. Pumpkins Protect The Skin

SOURCE: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/04/pumpkin-health-benefits_n_1936919.html

Pumpkins are of the healthy foods you need to consider

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Whole Wheat Bread:

Most of us will have bread almost every day for breakfast; it’s somewhat of a habit. To cut down on the unnecessary carbs from break, we can only replace our regular white bread with a healthier whole wheat bread. Whole grains in the food give you a high dose of fiber and other nutrients in it the lower risk of heart disease, cancers, diabetes, obesity, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Whole Wheat Bread

Benefits of Whole Wheat Bread

1. High in Nutrients and Fiber
2. Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease
3. Reduce Your Risk of Stroke
4. Reduce Your Risk of Obesity
5. Lower Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

SOURCE: https://authoritynutrition.com/9-benefits-of-whole-grains/

Whole Wheat Bread are o

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