5 Easy ways to incorporate health and fitness into your busy daily life

Let’s face it, there’s no excuse to not be in shape nowadays. With all the synthetic food and obesity already plaguing our body, fitness has to be if not the number one priority at least a thought at the back of your head. There are many ways to not exercise and make excuses to not hit the gym but we’re here to give the 5 easiest ways to incorporate fitness no matter what and where you are.

1. Don’t work out alone

Sometimes all you need is a little support from family and friends. If you’re scared of hitting the gym alone then we suggest you take your spouse or best friend with you. Not only are you working out and improving your health but also having the same impact on family and friends

2. Cut down on energy drinks and supplements

There’s nothing wrong with vitamin supplements but steer clear of energy supplements and drinks. Make water your number one choice for a drink. Always carry a small bottle of water with you at all times and remember to drink half your body weight in ounces of water everyday.

3. Inspire yourself

There’s nothing better than self motivation. People will always try to drag you down by complaining how tough working out and eating healthy is but once you have the will power to set your own short term daily goals and long term monthly goals, you will be unstoppable.

4. Make every task a fitness one

Complain all you want about how you don’t have a gym or jogging track in your area but there are several ways to incorporate fitness right into your daily schedule. For example parking at the extreme end of a parking lot and walking to the store. Carrying your groceries to the car rather than in a shopping cart. Taking the up to the office or home instead of the elevator, these are some of the easiest ways to get fit fast and easy.

5. Make the right food choices

We can’t put more emphasis on this than we always do. If you’re not eating right you’re not doing it right. Every time you’re getting a take out meal or dinning in at a restaurant make sure you go for the healthier meal choices. Most restaurants serve lean meat and vegetables which are great for your body, in most cases even if you can’t find that healthy meal in the menu always ask for it to be prepared specially if possible.

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