4 Foods that you never knew, fight pain naturally

It’s very clear that at some part of life we may suffer from some sort of muscle or join pain. Whether that pain is back, neck or knee pain it’s important to understand that eating the right foods can go a long way in mitigating the risks. While in most cases our diets may secretly contain some of the foods we are about to mention, some of you may also be surprised how eating these can actually decrease the risk of different chronic body pains.




Cherries are great for reducing the risk of Arthritis and muscle pain. There are compounds in cherries called anthocyanins which are also responsible of giving cherries their luscious color. These anthocyanins are very powerful antioxidants that work in two ways to cut down pain. One is that they block inflammation and they inhibit pain enzymes the same way drugs like asprin do. A study has also shown that having cherries for breakfast reduced a major maker of inflammation by 25%. So make sure you add some cherries to your first meal every morning.


Salmon and Sardines:


There’s usually no bar to eating fish but eating the right fish can have even more benefits to your health. Therefore Salmon and Sardines which are very low in mercury help in relieving pain in achy backs, necks and joints. These two fish species are the all-purpose cure to most of the common chronic pains. The omega 3 fatty acids help improve blood flow through vessels and nerves. Taking 1,200 mg or more of omega 3 is known to reduce both back and neck pain, these can almost always taken as supplements if not naturally due to the high amount required.




Don’t be fooled by their tiny size. Edamame beans are a great pain reliever for those who suffer from Arthritis. The soy protein contained in Edamame help counter the wear and tear of cartilage tears and bones grinding against each other. Another alternative to Edamame is also soy based food such as tofu which can easily be substituted for meat in a lot of meals. Soy protein is not only healthy for the whole body but also knee pain and arthritis prevention.


Red hot peppers


This may be your worst enemy, the same red hot pepper that drive people to tears and send them running to the water fountain are a great preventer of Arthritis. An ingredient in hot peppers called capsaicin does the trick by stimulating nerve endings and depletes the chemical that relays pain signals. While you don’t necessary have to eat the pepper raw, there are creams that can be found at pharmacies which contain capsaicin which will save you the trouble of burning your tongue.


The other alternative is to add some crushed pepper to your daily meal intake, just enough so that you can bear, it’s never good to overdo chili peppers.


Eating healthy plays a major role in decreasing risk of chronic back, neck and knee pains. These 4 foods that we mentioned above can be easily substituted for unhealthy choices that we make every day. Making sure we eat right is the first step towards prevention of the most common body pains found in adults all over the world. So the next time you’re grabbing a meal from a restaurant, give it a think and consider cooking or purchasing something that is truly beneficial to your health.

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