3 myths uncovered about benefits of meditations

Benefits of meditation

Have you ever looked into the sky or wondered at the vastness of the mountains and you felt some calmness getting into you? If you have, then you have meditated to some sense. Meditation has now become a popular exercise not just for the monks in the mountains but also for the many in the cities.


Meditation is a simple exercise of the mind that encompasses many benefits. The real measure of a person is defined by their ability to control the mind. Meditation benefits range from focusing the mind, finding happiness, overcoming illness, to experiencing a magical world.


The benefits of meditation include:


  • Reducing stress  Today, people experience varied stress levels. Studies indicate that stress is the leading cause of many of the modern illnesses. Chronic stress contributes to chronic tiredness, allergies, weak immune system among other anxiety disorders. Meditation is a powerful tool that instantly reduces stress when you start practicing it. Meditation cleanses the mind of negative thoughts and produces a new lease of energy around the head. The cleansing process brings a refreshing feeling that gives a person a thrilling experience.


  • Improving focus and concentration The ability to increase focus is one of the greatest benefits of meditation. Once you begin meditating, you will be able to focus and concentrate effortlessly on your goals and work without any distraction. That makes an enormous difference in the life of a person because it significantly improves productivity. People that take five minutes of their time meditating will be more successful in the long run than the average person who does not meditate. It is because meditation allows you focus your thoughts on making good decisions.


  • Meditation as a tool for inner peace, and joy Negative emotions take a great toll on the life of a person. In most cases, lack of inner peace emanates from reactions of the mind due to things beyond our control. Meditation helps clear useless thoughts and makes you aware of things you can control which in turn helps you find inner peace and joy.

3 ways to increase productivity through mediation

Increasing productivity through mediation

Life is this generation is perpetually that of competition; everyone is trying to be at the top by making products that outdo their competitors. As a person, if you do not focus on achieving your goals, you will never reach them at all. Concentrating is a challenge today because life is full of distractions that keep us away from the original dream.
Meditation has helped people stay focused and dedicated on pursuing their goals. It helps in achieving great things despite the many obstacles. Meditation eliminates these distractions and helps achieve upmost concentration, which ensures focus on efforts in realizing dreams and completing challenging tasks. It is during peaceful moments that great ideas and solutions to problems are found.

Ways to meditate effectively to harness your concentration and focus
Quiet time

The fast-paced life that people live today demands that you must always be at your best. Such lifestyles always stress and sap the life out of people. To remain focused on your goals, you need to spend few minutes every day having a quiet time. During the quiet time assess your performance, affirm your goals, and just relax. Quiet time ensures you detach from the noise around you and focus on the inner strength. This time should come preferably in the morning when you just wake up; it helps rejuvenate your energies ahead of a busy day.

Connect with nature’s serene places

Visiting peaceful and serene places like parks, forests, ocean beaches, or mountainous scenery helps you meditate and focus on things that matter. Such places help you harness your concentration as well as detach you from the everyday demands of life.

Create ambiance

The greatest power of your mind is its ability to focus on one thing for a long time. To boost your concentration, create an ambient environment daily in your room. If you live in a noisy apartment, play some soothing music to mask the noise. You can also use incense or aromatic oils to calm your nerves and achieve the restful and peaceful ambience needed for meditation.

3 ways mediation will get you more joy.

Enjoying Meditaiton

What makes meditation such a powerful healing experience is its ability to liberate people from thoughtful stuff that conceals the mind. People that meditate regularly experience significant inner peace and joy in their life.


Meditation opens up the mind to natural positive energy that boosts self-esteem and enhances creativity. There is also indescribable natural joy, which comes with meditating. It takes you beyond the constant clamor of thoughts, and it unlocks your immortal inner self, which brings satisfaction.
The most vital thing is to relax during the sessions to get the full experience. Do not try so hard, simply focus on letting go the stress and tension. The rule of rumination is that the more relaxed you are, the deeper the meditation will be.


When you submit yourself to the stillness of the moment, inner peace will fill your mind. Learn to let go, and something special will happen to your soul and spirit, and that is Peace and Joy.
Try the following exercise daily for about ten to fifteen minutes, to experience unmatched peace and joy. With time, once you are comfortable you can gradually increase the time to thirty minutes or longer.
Relaxing stage

Find a quiet place and sit in a comfortable position. Sit up and try to relax. Take deep breaths and allow tension and stress to slip away. This should be a sacred and quiet time for you to reconnect with your inner being and the abundance of nature’s energy. The more peaceful you become during this stage, the more source of energy you get.

Peace out stage

After you begin to feel tension and stress slipping away, think of peace. Breathe out and in repeatedly and think of things that calm you. You will realize that positive energy is replacing negative forces in your thoughts.

Concentration stage

Your mind will start to experience many random thoughts, ensure you are not caught up in them. At the same time, do not try too hard to ignore them; just replace the thoughts with a feeling of peace.